The Greenhouse Effect.

We have been talking about greenhouse gases for decades but did we really understand their role in climate change? GREENHOUSE GAS What is it? A greenhouse gas, is a gas in the atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation. The primary greenhouse gases in earth´s atmosphere are: water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Without these gases we would freeze all year round. Nope, … Continue reading The Greenhouse Effect.

#2 Planting time. Vegetable garden on the balcony.

If you started seeding in early Spring your plants should have been growing enough to be moved outside, if the temperatures allow it. WHEN: plant is bigger than the container no risk of frost April / May, depending where you live Before moving all your plants outside you have to plan your balcony and therefore it is essential to observe it first. How much light … Continue reading #2 Planting time. Vegetable garden on the balcony.

Lisbon⎜Nordkapp >> The Atlantic Coast

I never thought I´d loved so much cycling in France. I spent quite some time in this country because, well, it is not that tiny.   ROUTE (on the Atlantic coast): Lakabe – Saint Jean Pied de Port Saint Jean Pied de Port – Bayonne – Labenne Labenne – Cap de l´Homy Cap de l´Homy – Biscarosse plage Biscarosse plage – Dune du Pyla Bordeaux … Continue reading Lisbon⎜Nordkapp >> The Atlantic Coast

Creative Recycling >> Paper & Wood

Sometimes we think that buying new stuff is the right thing to do. Because new objects are up-to-date, in perfect conditions and because buying second hand has been perceived as you had financial problems. And no one wants to be labeled as “poor” right? But is that really true? Do we need always to buy new objects? new clothes, new toys or accessories? why? If … Continue reading Creative Recycling >> Paper & Wood

Lisbon⎜Nordkapp >> Pamplona

I reached Pamplona following the Camino de Santiago crossing Los Arcos, Estella and Puenta la Reina, a small village which separated me from my favorite Spanish city. I was used to cross mountains by now but the wind I faced that day was unbelievable. I now understand why on top they put all those windmills! Anyway, I made it even this time, so good job … Continue reading Lisbon⎜Nordkapp >> Pamplona

Yes, you can measure your Carbon Footprint

Let´s talk about carbon footprint. What exactly does it mean? Where does it come from? How can we approximately calculate it? and what can we do to reduce it? Carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases directly or indirectly produced to support human activities, usually expressed in units of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum (tCO2pa) Well, it is how … Continue reading Yes, you can measure your Carbon Footprint

Lisbon⏐Nordkapp >> Spain

ROUTE: Monsanto – Valverde del fresno Valverde del fresno – Ciudad Rodrigo Ciudad rodrigo – Salamanca Salamanca – Tordesillas Tordesillas – Valladolid – Palencia Palencia – Estepar Estepar – Burgos Burgos – Santo Domingo de la Calcada Santo Domingo de la Calcada – Viana Viana – Los Arcos – Pamplona Pamplona – Lakabe If Portugal last just few cycling days, Spain took quite some time … Continue reading Lisbon⏐Nordkapp >> Spain