#2 Planting time. Vegetable garden on the balcony.

If you started seeding in early Spring your plants should have been growing enough to be moved outside, if the temperatures allow it.



  • plant is bigger than the container
  • no risk of frost
  • April / May, depending where you live

Before moving all your plants outside you have to plan your balcony and therefore it is essential to observe it first. How much light do I have? for how many hours?

Vegetables need sun so find out where is the best spot on you balcony for placing them.

You also need to decide if you want to plant them in bigger vases, flower pots or high beds. High beds are quite comfortable but in my case I decided for a mix of containers.

  • flower pots (for herbs and salad)
  • an handmade wooden container to fit the best sunny spot (for tomatoes, salads, carrots, basil)
  • small and big vases (for radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber)


So, let´s start sketching your plan.

Mine was very rough but it is enough to get an initial idea, which by the way I changed later on.



  • pencil
  • ruler
  • paper
  • meter

Take the actual dimensions of your balcony and objects which stand already there and decide how much space you want to dedicate to your garden and try some solutions according to the plants you have.


Bring or build yourself the containers and start moving your plants.

As soon as they have more space, soil and nutrients, you will see them growing quickly.


  • the soil you choose does matter as plants, like humans do, get their food (nutrients) from the soil
  • use natural fertilizers or compost

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