Shell painting

I told you I do not eat red meat and when I buy chicken or turkey I choose those who come from regional and biological farms. I will talk about the reasons on a different post. They cost maybe a little more? yes, but because I rarely eat meat it is still a good financial balance.
But I can not deny I love fish and sea food.

Surprise surprise, I am not vegetarian.

Anyway, when we eat seafood sooner or later seashells often end up waving in our kitchen.
So, what can we do with them?

Plenty of things actually.
and I decided to paint them.

Sky & SeaSunForests

They represent 3/4 natural elements: the sky & the deep sea, sunset & sunrise and plants.

You can paint whatever you like of course, patterns, plane colors, portraits, animals…you just need to consider that seashells have not an even surface but actually this might be an advantage in some cases.


  • seashells
  • colors (I used acrylic because I had some left at home)
  • brushes
  • paper
  • creativity

if you are not up for painting you can turn them into many different things like:

  1. soap dish
  2. seashell candles
  3. pendant or earrings
  4. summer toys for kids (and their parents)
  5. whatever your mind comes up with…

There are truly plenty of solutions we can elaborate.

Here you can find some inspiration.

Waste is a resource.
For the environment, your pocket and your creativity.
Just think about that before throwing things away.

Happy creative recycling day 🙂

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