Creative Recycling >> Paper & Wood

Sometimes we think that buying new stuff is the right thing to do.
Because new objects are up-to-date, in perfect conditions and because buying second hand has been perceived as you had financial problems. And no one wants to be labeled as “poor” right?

But is that really true?

Do we need always to buy new objects? new clothes, new toys or accessories? why?
If we ask ourselves this question we might come up with different answers and that is absolutely fine.

But imagine you can spend some of your time creating instead of shopping.
Would not that be more satisfactory, funny and inspiring?
And by the way, It might also help you to save some money and learn something new.

When I came back from my cycling trip in 2016 I wanted to hang on the wall some postcards and therefore I was searching for frames.
I had a look around and on the internet but afterwords I just felt emptied. I spent so much time in front of a screen or in the crowded city center looking for frames I did not even liked!

They are all the same, same colors, same shape, same everything.

Somehow it was a waste of time going around to passively look for something created in mass production by someone else.

So, one day I noticed we already had a wooden frame at home and suddenly I thought I could make some decoupage with it and turn it into something unique, recycling some nice paper or using newspapers sheets.

Isn´t it lovely? Paper and wood is a great combination.

Sure, it is not perfect, nor super clean and glossy but it is authentic, real and it means something to me as I have chosen the paper for a reason.

What do you need to do to approach creative recycling:

  • look at what you can find at home first or even on the street, or in the forest (wood chunk, tools, paper, newspaper, frames, materials…)
  • go to second hand stores or online platforms where people sell, give away, or exchange
  • in case you can not find anything, either you are forced to buy new things or you can look at the workshops where people often have waste it might turn useful for you and have as well tools to share or rent.

What do you need to start working on your frame:

  1. wooden frame (you could even make it)
  2. paper you like
  3. scissors
  4. glue
  5. brush
  6. gloves (it turned out to be quite useful)


  • cut 4 + 2 (extra ones for the top and bottom) pieces of paper which can cover the different sides
  • spread the glue on the wood with the brush
  • place and work the paper over the glue
  • spread the glue on the paper again
  • let it dry


  • There is no need for special paper but be careful if it is too thin and how it was printed because sometimes working on it with the glue make the colors fading and ruining the paper.
  • just try! maybe the first time won´t work as you expected but I am sure the second time it will. There are many details you have to care of and you will not realize until you put you hands on it.

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