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I reached Pamplona following the Camino de Santiago crossing Los Arcos, Estella and Puenta la Reina, a small village which separated me from my favorite Spanish city.
I was used to cross mountains by now but the wind I faced that day was unbelievable.

I now understand why on top they put all those windmills!
Anyway, I made it even this time, so good job Francesca.

When I reached Pamplona the only thing I was thinking of was “Albergue dos Peregrinos“. Please give me a bed. I need to eat and sleep without hearing someone snoring behind me (ohhh yes, bare it in mind, Albergue dos peregrinos are full of men who snore a lot. I even recorded one because I could not sleep)

I found one in the city center called Jesus and Maria (obviously) really close to the Cathedral.
This was the most beautiful one where I stayed so far.
Very impressive.
Huge, but really lovely.

I stayed in Pamplona a couple of days and also this time I was lucky enough to be there during another special basque festivity. All these coincidences made me nuts at a certain point!

Anyway, I loved Pamplona very much, she is small but powerful and rebel. It is colorful and active, people sing and play on the streets and talk and make noise all together.

It is similar to Lisbon, maybe that is why I like it so much.

Also Hemingway liked it quite enough to set one of his novel here.

You can have this dancing events (watch the video below) that my grandfather would have loved to join. So did I actually, but honestly, I was too shy. And furthermore, I was scared to get lost after the first step. But I know my grandpa would have made it.

I miss those kind of celebrations where you meet everyone in the village, where kids, adults and teenagers go along and dance together. I have great memories.

and then you have something like a spontaneous concert in the middle of the street 🙂

The Basque festivity is called “I Gigantes” and it just surprised me meanwhile walking trough the city. All of a sudden these huge puppets appeared in front of me and then they started dancing. Strange but beautiful.

Unfortunately Corrida or San Fermin like events are still running also in other cities in Spain. But apart from that, Pamplona is wonderful and with a great spirit.

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