#1 The seeding. How to plan a vegetable garden on the balcony

Have you ever thought of planning a vegetable garden on the balcony?

Flowers are beautiful and nice to have but the satisfaction of seeing your veggies growing is special. And by the way you also get flowers before the fruit 😉


  • no pesticides needed
  • reduce soil erosion
  • biological food
  • decrease supermarket products consumption
  • contributing to your health
  • contribute to reducing CO2 emission
  • stress reduction
  • learning how nature works
  • assimilate new skills

If you decide to have your vegetable garden on the balcony you have to start from the seeding.

You can also buy small plants later in the season but I recommend you to start from zero because it is a beautiful experience.


In Europe, depending where you live (living in Sicily or Norway for example does make a difference..obvious right?) you can start seeding first at home from February.

In my case, as we live in Germany, we started seeding in March and we had to wait until end of May to plant those lovely creatures outside. So, it depends on the weather and on the species you are planting.


  • seeds (look for biological seeds or collect them from the vegetables you eat)
  • coir
  • small vases (you can recycle yogurt´s vases, use peat containers, or even toilet roll)
  • see through box (or seedbed to protect the seeds from cold temperatures)
  • water spray bottle

Well, now you just start seeding!

Mint seeds

Aren´t these mint seeds so cute? super cute.

Anyway, growing mint from the seeds is not that easy. I failed.


Honestly, I had to wait quite some time before seeing any green heads coming up from the soil but when it happened I got really emotional.

You need to be patient!


> as they grow inside first you have to be careful with direct sunlight. If they are not robust or mature enough the sun will burn down the small plants.

> keep the soil moist but not too much

> water the seeds everyday


♣ Maybe you can ask around where you live which species are local and which one might adapt well to the weather and the environment.

Vegetable garden

Being good to the planet does not require you to be an engineer or a mathematician, you can start with small things which are so interconnected to the entire system that all together we can make a change.

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