Recycle, re-use, repair.

In Munich there are almost 5000 abandoned bikes a year.

Maybe your city has the same problem too. I am pretty sure it does.

The city marks and then collects them to be either repaired and sold (just a small part) or to be thrown away. Yes, you have heard it. They throw away bikes. Well, most of them they are probably not in perfect condition but hey, if I can repair one of them, you also can.

There is no need to buy a new bike every time. If you do so we are going to end up with an incredible amount of waste, and waste, as nature teaches us is a resource.

So, let´s recycle, re-use and repair it.

There can be plenty of initiatives like donating them to other countries or to be used as integration mean for refugees, homeless or people in difficult situations.

And we can also start at home, with our old gran mother´s bike or that small two wheels (remember that embarrassing light pink one?) you used as a kid and that is probably rotting in your cellar.


  1. What kind of bike do I need? city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike…
  2. Have I some spare parts available? or do I know any shop or mechanic who sells them (new or second hand)?
  3. Do I own already some tools at home or can I access a repair café or a community workshop?

Just answering these questions first, will guide you to designing your “repaired bike” project.


This is the result of mine 🙂

She was abandoned in the basement of my apartment´s building in very bad conditions but I brought her back to life. I looked mostly for second hand parts and I like the outcome. It is a city bike, so I won´t climb up the hills, but never say never.

Repaired parts:

  • chain, frame, wheel rim

Second hand parts:

  • saddle, handlebars, chamber air, pedals

New parts:

  • brakes, bell, tires


I had a lot of fun and it was truly satisfying doing everything myself.

You just need passion, time and love.


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